Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lightworkers Share Thoughts on these pictures



Thank you so much for sharing your photographs. You captured more than just the event!!!

In Light and Appreciation ~E"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - MLK


"Nikki Hoover" eeawooah777@yahoo.com

For those of us who were not able to be there physically, thank you Lady Pat for allowing us to see it through your eyes


.Marite Renkens /Joao Jutglar wrote:

Thanks you, Thanks you, Lady Pat..

How wonderful to have some pictures from the NY event.

That was wonderful and I really enjoyed soaking up the NY atmosphere!

From Spain,
With Love,


WOW! THE TOUR has begun! Master Kirael and Kahu Fred & Team touched down in New York City on the opening step of their first world tour. Saturday, Oct 16 & Sunday, Oct 17, 2004.

SATURDAY was a program at the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew at 86th and West End Avenue.

SUNDAY was a healing church service at the Tilman Chapel of the United Nations plus a tea and reception with a special message from Master Kirael.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Tour info, archived webcasts, articles, email list, LOTS more!

What a wonderful banner hangs at the front of St. Paul and St. Andrew Church. HOW GOOD IT IS WHEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS DWELL TOGETHER IN HARMONY.

What a wonderful banner hangs in the church of St Andrew and St. Paul Posted by Hello

Here is the magnificent alte and front of the church. Kahu Fred channelled the Raven, then gave a beautiful talk with us. And then came Master Kirael, who loved NEW YORK NEW YORK. He said he would now say he was from HAWAII HAWAII! Posted by Hello

A wall of light pours into the church of St Paull and St Andrew on Saturday. Posted by Hello

Light bathes the lightworkers at the church on Saturday. Posted by Hello

Kahu Fred at the church of St Andrew and St Paul. Posted by Hello

Set & chair awaiting Master Kirael at Church of St Andrew on Saturday. Posted by Hello

Dave Bower, Kahu, Karen Nielson Posted by Hello

Frank Farmlet (Red Door Studio) provided sound and recording for us. Posted by Hello

Here is the view of the UN out of the window at the tea and special message from Master Kirael. While Kahu Fred was talking, he said Master Kirael was busy at the UN...working on the core belief system there. The UN will never be the same, I am sure!!! Posted by Hello

Here is the front of the Tillman chapel of the UN where we had our Sunday church service.  Posted by Hello

Daryl (who received healings for his cancer over the internet broadcasts), shines with his niece and her baby at the church. Posted by Hello

Daryl's beautiful niece and her magical baby at church service! Posted by Hello

Janet is happpy happpy happpy at the church service! Posted by Hello

Spellbound lightworkers at upstairs tea and special message from Kahu Fred and Master Kirael across from UN. Posted by Hello

These two gorgeous lightworkers are radiating peace and healing at the reception. The beautiful lady on the right (with the blue scarf) was called "Miss Harlem" by Kahu Fred during the healings at the church service. Kahu said everyone should touch her, and get a partical of her light...that she had enough light to help all of Harlem.  Posted by Hello

Lightworkers purchasing tapes and recordings at the book table at the reception at the UN church building. Posted by Hello

A JOB MAGNIFICENTLY DONE! Dave Bower embraces Katherine and Frank Farmlett - who were the master audio production and recording team! Posted by Hello

This beautiful lightworker provided beautiful piano music during the book signing by Kahu Fred. I will post her name if she emails me! Posted by Hello

Rael and other light workers leaving with big happy smiles! Alleluia! I AM THAT I AM! Posted by Hello